Set 13: Making Love Visible

By Viet Film Fest 2019 (other events)

Sunday, October 13 2019 1:00 PM 3:00 PM PDT

1. Searching for the None

Jean-Louis Droulers/ USA/ 2018/ 12 min

A glance seems to be all it takes for Hunter to dream about spending the rest of his life with someone, despite already having a girlfriend. Plagued by vivid daydreams of finding “the one,” he enlists the help of Allie, a certified hypnotherapist, to hypnotize him into believing that he will never find the love of his life. Allie must help him come to the revelation that his idealized version of love does not exist.

2. Picking Things Up (Nối Lại Tình Xưa)

Celine Tsai/ Canada/ 2019/ 13 min

Picking Things Up takes an introspective look at the quandary between former lovers Mike (Phi Huynh) and Sophie (Christine Nguyen). When Sophie resurfaces six months after leaving Mike for another man, a trial ensues as the two deliberate the prospects of picking up where they left off.

3. Hiếu

Richard Van/ USA/ 2018/ 24 min

This powerful drama reveals what happens when a Vietnamese American household receives a surprise visit from a long-lost patriarch after he fails at a get-rich-quick scheme.

4. Thanksgiving

Van Nguyen/ USA/ 2018/ 11 min

A traditional Vietnamese American couple prepares for Thanksgiving dinner. When their son brings home his boyfriend, they consider how to face a situation they never expected.

5. Red Thread

Yijun Pan/ USA/ 2019/ 3 min

In this artistic short film, a red thread sometimes is not tied only to one person. People leave, that's what they do. After the last goodbye, we will never be the same. This is what love teaches us.

6. Pelvicachromis

Jasmin Luu/ Germany/ 2018/ 12 min

In this experimental short film, Jakob and Melissa are a couple, even though they don't act like lovers. What's going on between Melissa and Jakob?

7. Little Sunny (Em Thấy Gì Khi Trời Tắt Nắng)

Tran Lam Phuoc Tai/ Vietnam/ 2018/ 18 min

Little Sunny is the story of a blind, young girl living with her brother in a slum. She relies on her brother, who has a temporary job at a car wash, for her well-being. One day, her brother realizes that he has a chance to escape the fatiguing routine of caring for his sister.

Q&A 20 min